We’ve had some good’uns!

2011 Line Up

The Eliza Carthy Band

eliza-carthyDescribing herself simply as a “modern English musician” Eliza Carthy, at 35, is only now beginning to reach the height of her musical powers. During a 20-year journey/career she has become one of the most dazzling and recognised folk musicians of a generation. She has revitalised and made folk music relevant to new audiences and has captured the most hardened of dissenters. She is involved in numerous projects and works with Norma Waterson, Waterson:Carthy, The Imagined Village and of course the Eliza Carthy Band.

The Eliza Carthy Band is made up of current top young musicians who come from a range of backgrounds and genres and have an incredibly vibrant and original sound.

Emma Smith on double bass – Emma is currently on the road with Gorillaz and played in their epic Glastonbury set in 2010

Phil Alexander on keyboards – His musical experience ranges from folk to jazz to contemporary classical, but his main love is exploring the different realms of world music. In Edinburgh Phil currently leads the klezmer-ish Moishe’s Bagel and plays piano with internationally-acclaimed Salsa Celtica.

On drums – Willy Molleson – Willy has been playing the drums since he was 4 years old, starting on a set of Ugandan tribal drums. He’s played in over 100 Bands and many great gigs including Glastonbury Main Stage, The Mercury Awards, The Conan O’Brian show in New York, The Barbican in London and to 200,000 people in Glasgow Green.

Beth Porter – on cello has played with artists such as Bellowhead Peter Gabriel, Reg Meuross and Newton Faulkner, and has recorded with many projects including Jackie Oates, Kula Shaker, Get The Blessing, Jim Moray and John Parish. Beth played at Priddy in 2010 with Reg Meuross


dragonsflyDragonsfly line up has grown – Maya Preece – lead vocals, bagpipes, guitar, recorders, Daygan Robinson – bouzouki, mandolin, backing vocals, Archie Churchill-Moss – melodeon, Duncan Moss – hurdy gurdies, bagpipes, saxophones, flute, rauschpfeife, backing vocals, Gem Quinn – drums, Iccy Slade – bass

Dragonsfly have been performing up and down the UK at festivals and arts centres for many years and have built a firm following with 3 CDs behind them. They have played live on Charles Hazlewood’s BBC Radio 2 program and received airplay on BBC Radio 3s Late Junction. Members of Dragonsfly have performed with Sheila Chandra, Billy Bragg, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Dragonsfly perform World, traditional, self penned and Breton music and song. Their command of many and diverse instruments, mixed with superb multi lingual vocals make a lively, energetic, sensitive and evocative performance. Dragonsfly are not strangers to Priddy and they are delighted to be asked back to one of their favourite and best festivals.


Jamie Smith’s Mabon

jsmabonLast year was Mabon’s first visit to Priddy and their vibrant, energetic music swelled Eastwater to its maximum capacity. We simply had to ask them back!

Jamie Smith’s Mabon’s music is well described as Original, Interceltic, World Music. Composed by frontman Jamie Smith, and brought to life by six highly accomplished musicians, it draws inspiration directly from the traditional folk music of the Celtic countries. This is not Welsh music, nor Scottish or Irish; this is Interceltic music, a true exploration of forms and styles found in Celtic music and their forging into something bold and new.


John Kirkpatrick

johnkirkpatrickAs a singer, dancer and instrumentalist, John Kirkpatrick has been one of the most prominent figures on the English Folk Scene for many years. He has performed and recorded extensively both as a soloist and as a member of duos, groups and bands, presenting a repertoire of music, songs and dances firmly rooted in traditional English practice. He is also regarded as a particularly fine exponent of the button accordion, the anglo concertina and the melodeon, and is frequently called upon as a mainstream session musician in fields of music quite outside the folk idiom.

John will be playing his ‘A Victorian Farmer’s year’ concert as our special Saturday midday concert in the village hall and playing some of his huge repertoire in a second concert on Sunday morning in the Swildons marquee.


Moishe’s Bagel

moishesbagelThrillingly original cutting-edge klezmer and folk music from some of Scotland’s finest musicians. An intoxicating, life-affirming mix of Eastern European dance music, Middle Eastern rhythms and virtuoso performances.

“The fiddle player is a violinist with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, the percussionist is a student of tabla and Indian percussion, and the bass player is a jazz musician from Brazil,” says pianist Phil Alexander, the only member with a background in Jewish music. The Scottish-based band got together after they met playing tango music for a Chilean vocalist. Diversity is key to their repertoire. There is klezmer at its core, but there are also strong folk and jazz influences.

The exact details of Moishe and the Bagel (and how they are connected) are somewhat hazy. But most stories agree on at least two things: Moishe was either poor, a musician, or both. And the bagel of the tale is not just a piece of dough, but more often a symbol of love, food, or life itself. Or all three.


Dogan Mehmet & The Deerhunters

doganmehmetDogan Mehmet, along with his backing band the Deerhunters, creates an Anglo-Turkish, Gypsy-Punk style mix of traditions and strong acoustic grooves. A diverse mixture of Southern English and Turkish folk songs, self-penned material and driven tunes from English Morris as well as Cypriot traditions give Dogan his own captivating sound. His talent and confidence belie his young age and he makes a storm wherever he goes with his effervescent personality and huge enthusiasm for life and for his music.



anglesOne not to miss! Three highly-regarded musicians combine their considerable talents to bring us their own tunes. Chris Walshaw (Pipes/Whistle), Cliff Stapleton (Hurdy Gurdy), Richard Jones (Accordion) – a new slant on ancient rhythms.

With striking melodies and powerful riffs Angles mix haunting pipes, earthy gurdy rhythms and driving accordion bass lines to create their distinctive folk-trance groove tinged with blues and jazz.


Miranda Sykes & Rex Preston

mirandasykesMiranda Sykes & Rex Preston have recently started playing together as a duo. Rex’s style & fluidity augments Miranda’s songs beautifully.

It’s Miranda’s first performance at Priddy and we are really looking forward to this concert. She’s best known as part of legendary Show of Hands and has considerable success as a solo artist. Rex is part of Scoville Units, one of Priddy’s headline acts last year. This should be a memorable collaboration!


Les Barker

Les Barker is back at Priddy by popular demand. His comedic poetry and parodies of popular songs are something everyone should see at least once in their lifetime. Many people see him as often as possible. http://www.mrsackroyd.com/

  • Fay Hield Trio
  • Wheeler Street
  • Monster Ceilidh Band
  • Sex Pirates
  • Dana & Sue Robinson
  • Emily Portman
  • Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin
  • Gadarene
  • Mrs Price’s Parlour
  • Dyer : Cummings
  • De Fuego
  • Pete Harris and Hugh Budden
  • Appalachia
  • Martin and James Froud
  • Elfynn
  • Firepit Collective
  • Mike Scott
  • Moore, Moss, Rutter
  • Twelfth Day
  • Gasworks Singers
  • Freshly Ground
  • Barley Rye Choir
  • Blue Mosquitoes

2010 Line Up

The best ever Priddy Folk Festival !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It had the best line-up we have seen yet AND good weather !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our headline acts included

Battlefield Band

Under their banner Forward with Scotland’s Past, Battlefield Band have been performing on the international scene for more than three decades, inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength of the modern Scottish cultural scene.

Alan Reid (keyboards/guitar/vocals)
Mike Katz (Highland pipes/small pipes/various whistles/bass guitar)
Sean O’Donnell (vocals/guitar)
Alasdair White (fiddle/whistle/banjo/bazouki/Highland and small pipes/bodhran/…and probably anything else he can lay his hands on!)


Spiers and Boden

Described by The Guardian as “the finest instrumental duo on the traditional scene” and twice winners of the BBC Radio 2 folk award for Best Duo, John Spiers and Jon Boden have made the genre of spontaneous, punky English folk very much their own stomping ground.

Over the past few years we’ve had many requests to have Spiers & Boden here at Priddy – we’re delighted they’re coming to play for us.


The New Rope String Band

The New Rope String Band is made up of four talented musicians playing beautiful and invigorating acoustic music from various traditions around the world. Experienced old-hands Pete Challoner and Tim Dalling (from the Old Rope String Band) have joined forces with experienced old-time musicians Jock Tyldesley and Vera van Heeringen.

There really is no way to describe the Ropes – if you haven’t seen them before you’re about to discover a source of lunacy and inspired musicianship. If you have seen them before then you’ll know to prepare yourself for an hour of helpless laughter and amazement. Pure delight!


Vin Garbutt

Powerful, hugely moving, warm, humane, inspired, funny and gut wrenchingly honest. These are just some of the superlatives used to describe Vin.

A performance by Vin takes you through every emotion possible – his songs express his unique, humane views of personal and world events interspersed with a patter that will make you cry with laughter. Vin has been a well known and well-loved musician on the international folk circuit for many years and is a big favourite at Priddy.



Kerfuffle first played at Priddy in 2004 and their star has been rising ever since. Kerfuffle’s music cannot easily be categorised and their vibrant arrangements draw on influences from across Europe, incorporating tunes, songs and dances.

Four of the finest young musicians on the folk scene today, Sam Sweeney, Hannah James, Jamie Roberts, & Tom Sweeney perform their music with immense vitality and style.


Bellevue Rendezvous

Bellevue Rendezvous are an inventive Scottish based trio of Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Cameron Robson (cittern, jaw harp) and Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa) plundering Europe for strange and interesting tunes. The nyckelharpa is a traditional Swedish instrument, a beautifully toned keyed fiddle in the viola register, rarely seen in the UK.

With a collective CV that encompasses some of Scotland’s most fascinating outfits – including Unusual Suspects, Cantrip and Iron Horse – they draw on music and traditions as diverse as Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Canada, France and Finland to create the quirkily alluring instrumental interplay that will surely make a memorable performance.


Scoville Units with Leon Hunt

The Scoville Units are an exciting new Celtic & Bluegrass crossover band featuring a quintet of musicians of the finest class. This collaboration is an original concept, drawing inspiration from many sources to create a distinctly unique sound that is exciting and innovative.

Rex Preston (Mandolin)
Leon Hunt (5-string Banjo)
Gina Griffin (Fiddle, Vocals)
Ed Boyd (Guitar)
Josh Clark (Bodhran, Cajon)


Tom Kitching & Gren Bartley

Tom Kitching and Gren Bartley are one of the brightest young acts on the folk scene today. Playing music from a remarkably broad range of sources, their new album ‘Boundary’ crosses genres with a healthy disdain for arbitrary pigeon-holing of styles and traditions. Some songs just need to be sung.

‘The instruments spark, with the combination of the bright fiddle and the acclaimed finger picking style of Bartley giving a lovely flow to the tunes’ – Maverick Magazine



Mabon’s music is well described as Original, Interceltic, World Music. Composed by frontman Jamie Smith, and brought to life by six highly accomplished musicians, it draws inspiration directly from the traditional folk music of the Celtic countries. This is not Welsh music, nor Scottish or Irish; this is Interceltic music, a true exploration of forms and styles found in Celtic music and their forging into something bold and new.

More than anything it is the emotional content of the traditional music that Jamie seeks to embed in his own work; the sorrow, the joy and most of all the sheer energy at the heart of this uplifting genre of music. Expect to find all of these qualities in Mabon’s music; it is designed to move you, both physically and emotionally, to draw you in with a moment of pure drama then cut you loose with some irresistible fun.


…with some really classic local acts

Reg Meuross and Beth Porter

“One of Britain’s finest Singer Songwriters” (Time Out) Reg’s Writing, Performing and acting credits include work with people as diverse as the famous French Composer Vladimir Cosma – who wrote the cult movie ‘Diva’, Gerard Depardieu; Marsha Malamet; Nick Lowe; Not The Nine O’Clock News; Robbie Coltrane; Chris Difford; Charlie Dore; Gary Clark; Antonia Bird; Lenny Henry; Jeremy Hardy; Paul Merton, etc.

Apart from his Solo concerts Reg tours with various combinations from his studio musicians which include Jackie Oates – Fiddle & Voice, Phil Beer – Fiddle (SHOW OF HANDS) Roy Dodds – Drums (EDDI READER) and Simon Edwards – Bass (FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION, BILLY BRAGG)

Beth has a versatility and a flair for Improvisation that is rare among classically trained cellists. She can turn her hand to any style with ease and her playing gives a depth of emotion and richness that helps to make a unique sound.

Beth also plays with Eliza Carthy, Jennifer Crook, Babel, Rob Sharples, Jack Rubbinacci, The Cedar, to name a few and has occasionally filled in for the Mighty Bellowhead. Her Musical CV is so vast and impressive that it would be impossible to list here. She is also making a name for herself performing her own self written songs.


The Three Caballeros

The Three Caballeros: Stuart Gordon, Andy Davis and Pete Allerhand have been performing together since the 80’s and are a classic act with great musicianship and style.

Based on the trio of Violin, Guitar and Ukelele, they blend in a rich variety of musical styles stretching from the gypsy fiddles of Eastern Europe to the finer points of Cole Porter with glimpses of rare beauty in the Gaelic and Celtic airs in between.



Those of you who have followed Helena over the years and seen her mesmerise crowds nationwide, from the intimacy of a small concert to the thousands at Main Stage Glastonbury, will need no introduction to this rare and prodigious talent.

It is hard to categorize Helena’s music as it includes so many styles – bit of blues, jazz, folk, rock and all with a massive energy and skill.


Issy & David Emeney with Kate Riaz

Issy is an outstanding melodeon player. Inspired to take up the box by the playing of Norfolk squeezer Tony Hall, she has developed an unusually sensitive and creative style “a delight to play with” John Dipper.

Issy is acquiring a well deserved reputation as a composer and song writer. Her tunes, whether straight dance tunes or longer pieces that tell a story, are invariably ‘a bit different’ with strong and beautiful melodies. Some of them have been used for television. Her songs have a distinctly traditional influence.

Issy will be playing a set with David Emeney and Kate Riaz – as well as MC-ing, running a melodeon workshop and probably doing some flatfooting and teaching that too.


Cleverly Brothers

In existence as a music/comedy phenomenon since their emergence at the Village Pump festival in 2001, the Cleverly Brothers (Don and Phil) have built up a great fan base through regular appearances at The Sidmouth and Trowbridge festivals, and at pubs, clubs and private parties in the south-west.

Their cutting observations of everyday life in the Mendips have made them infamous in both the local and national press. They have been called to account on radio to explain their musings, and won a prize on Radio 4 for one of their sketches

Gasworks Singers

The Gasworks Singers are the travelling arm of the Gasworks Choir, a community choir of over 150 people in Bristol.

They perform a diverse repertoire ranging from pop, soul and gospel to folk and funk, with ethnic songs from around the world as well as the occasional classical piece. http://www.gasworkschoir.co.uk/

Phil King

Bristol singer/songwriter Phil King already has 2 albums to his name. They have both received fantastic national press and airplay from Radio 2 as well as many regional stations.

He performs regularly all over the UK and Europe, everywhere from small intimate bars to big festival stages. His music contains elements of Blues, Soul, Folk and Rock, but to him, it is all acoustic song, delivered with honesty.


…and new young folk

Ruth Notman Duo

Ruth Notman started out on the live circuit at just 13 years old performing at folk clubs and venues in and around Nottingham and Derby and soon began securing slots at leading Festivals (including Priddy). In 2006 Ruth reached the finals of the BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award and shortly afterwards signed a record deal.

Ruth’s pure and powerful voice conveys stories of love, loss, adventure and heartache, weaving through simple stripped down ballads and soaring above complex arrangements.


Lucy Ward

Lucy is a 20 year old acoustic artist from Derby. She plays guitar but considers voice to be her first instrument and has been performing regularly since she was 14.

Her sets are an eclectic mix of traditional and modern folk interpretations, interspersed with her own songs. There is a natural and easy sound to her music that is brought to life by expressive performance and breath-taking delivery.


James Chadwick

Although comparisons have been made to many artists, such as Nick Drake, Jeff Buckley and Jimi Hendrix, James prefers to celebrate his own unique style which he says has been influenced by “everything and nothing” (but not forgetting Bob Dylan).

His songs are beautiful and emotional and his talents are becoming increasingly recognized by accomplished musicians and young fans alike.

James played at Priddy in 2006 and for many people it was one of the most memorable performances of the festival.


James Findlay

James Findlay is a Dorset based traditional singer, fiddler and guitarist. Coming from a musical family, he is influenced by all genres of music; his love lies in traditional English folk music and ballads, his presentation and musical style being inspired by guitarist Nic Jones, and singers such as The Watersons. James was the winner in the ‘New Roots’ national competition for up-and-coming folk performers in 2008 and also won the 2010 BBC Young Folk Award final at the BBC Theatre in December 2009.

James has been described in the press as ‘The new Seth Lakeman’ (a comparison he dislikes!).



Tyde are a 3 piece that draw upon influences from every corner of the British Isles and beyond to deliver music and song that is dynamic, fresh and quite brilliantly played. They have built a strong following with their great sets and infectious onstage character.

“Three brilliant players with a musical maturity way beyond their years. Their music goes straight to the heart of the audience, with an appeal second to none. A must for a concert venues. Pure Joy.” Tom McConville . . . . . . . “Fantastic musicianship… If I could play like them now I’d be very happy, If I could play like them when I was their age I’d probably be living in the Bahamas!” Damien Barber – The Demon Barbers . . . . . . . . . . . . “Watch out Lau!” Spiral Earth


The Carrivick Sisters

The Carrivick Sisters are twins Laura and Charlotte Carrivick from South Devon, England.

They play a variety of bluegrass instruments (mainly guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro and fiddle) with vocal harmonies and are both songwriters. Although their background is in bluegrass, their music has a strong folk influence which is evident in their original songs, many of which are inspired by their local landscape and stories.

In 2007 they won the South West Busker’s and Street Entertainer’s Competition, gaining themselves their first spot at Glastonbury Festival. In 2008 Laura achieved 2nd place at the RockyGrass Fiddle Contest in America. More recently, the Carrivick Sisters were finalists in the prestigious BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Awards 2010.


Dyer:Cumming’s Band

The Dyer:Cumming’s are a young and exciting Band from Somerset. They play Traditional English music with a Funky Twist. In 2009 Dyer:Cummings came 2nd in the Glastonbury Battle of the Bands and were finalists in the national competition ‘New Roots’. The Dyer:Cumming’s – Hannah Cumming on Fiddle – Jon Dyer on Bass, Flute and Guitar – Penny Dyer on Bassoon and Alex Cumming on Piano Accordion, Bouzouki. “Reminded me of the first band to play Glastonbury – FANTASTIC” – Michael Eavis http://www.myspace.com/dyercummings

…and a blues afternoon with ….

Brooks Williams & Friends

Brooks Williams is a blues singing, guitar picking, bottleneck slide playing certified road warrior who has toured continuously for over twenty-one years. His guitar skills won him a place on the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists list, in company with the likes of Michael Hedges, Chet Atkins, Leo Kottke, Doc Watson, and David Bromberg, to name a few. He played at Priddy Folk Festival last year and those who saw his performance agree it was one of the highlights of the festival. http://www.brookswilliams.com/

Pete Harris & Hugh Budden

Pete Harris (vocal, guitar, mandolin) has been active on the Blues scene in the South for nigh on thirty years. He has led various incarnations of the Pete Harris Blues Band, recognized as one of the leading blues bands on the South Coast.

Hugh Budden (vocal, harmonica) has been performing with Pete since 2007. He has developed a highly individual, virtuosic style which has won him a reputation as one of the UK’s leading Blues harp players.

http://www.peteharrisblues.com/ http://www.dolfinmusic.com/hughsblues.htm

Jim Tigwell

Jim has been playing guitar and singing for around 35 years, starting in the folk clubs around Bristol, often sharing the stage with local legend Martin Froud.

He is influenced by the likes of Bert Jansch, Brownie McGhee, Blind Blake, Jerry Reed and electric players such as James Burton and BB King. Jim has shared the stage with some great musicians, including ­Kristina Olsen, Hans Theessink & Kent Duchaine among others.


..and some excitingly different performances from

Dizzi Dulcimer & Emily

Frome based percussionist Dizzi has found that the Hammered Dulcimer introduces melody into her rhythmic world.

“I believe it is my purpose to introduce the Hammered Dulcimer and Bass Hammered Dulcimer into dance, pop & rock music, not merely as chill-out instruments but as a funky 46 stringed electric guitar backed by a 17 stringed electric bass.”


Will Kaufman’s fabulous history and songs of Woody Guthrie

Will Kaufman’s WOODY GUTHRIE: HARD TIMES AND HARD TRAVELLIN’, is a captivating “live documentary” that sets the songs of Woody Guthrie in the context of the American 1930s – the Dust Bowl, the Depression, the New Deal and the state of popular music itself. Such hard-hitting Guthrie songs as “Vigilante Man”, “Pretty Boy Floyd” and “I Ain’t Got No Home” are brought into conversation with other relevant songs – from Joe Hill’s “The Preacher and the Slave” to “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”. Altogether the show highlights the blending of music and radical politics that marks Guthrie’s most powerful work.

From Folk and Roots reviews: “Had me and everyone else in the audience hooked. Labelling this a ‘Lecture, Concert, Presentation, Documentary or Show’ would not do it justice. It was all of these things and more … a crowd pleaser that is quite unique”.


..and three wild dances with ….

The Dyer:Cumming’s Band

The Dyer:Cumming’s are a young and exciting Ceilidh Band from Somerset. They play Traditional English music with a Funky Twist. In 2009 Dyer:Cummings came 2nd in the Glastonbury Battle of the Bands and were finalists in the national competition ‘New Roots’.

The Dyer:Cumming’s – Hannah Cumming on Fiddle – Jon Dyer on Bass, Flute and Guitar – Penny Dyer on Bassoon and Alex Cumming on Piano Accordion, Bouzouki, Cajon and is also the Caller.

“Reminded me of the first band to play Glastonbury – FANTASTIC” – Michael Eavis


The Electric Lobsters with Tony Slinger

The Lobster set is constantly evolving, but has at its core powerful fiddle/squeezebox-led tunes and a great selection of songs. Most of the band’s material is their own, with influences including English/Irish/Cajun/World, with more than a hint of Style Council, Bob Dylan and the Waterboys. Listen for yourself!

“The Electric Lobsters…provided the kind of raw energy an illegal rave is far too young to know about” (Folk Roots)

“In the pink just for you… get those feelers a’twitchin’ and claws a’clatterin’. If your eyes don’t pop out then you deserve to be boiled alive” (The Bell: Bath)



Sheelanagig have been honing their eclectic blend of folk, jazz and world music since early 2005. Blistering live performances have made Sheelanagig festival favourites across the UK and into Europe, and caused dancefloor mayhem from the Scottish Islands to the South of Italy.

“A massive hit on the festival scene who practically burst the marquee at the Trowbridge Festival this year” Venue Magazine


2010 Workshops

Dizzy Dulcimer & Emily – a hands-on Dulcimer workshop with a dulcimer band performance at the end…be ready to get hooked on the beautiful sounds of the dulcimer. The Gasworks Singers – Dee Jarlett and her singers will give you a chance to learn some typical Gasworks Singers style part songs – hugely uplifting and exciting singing. Bruce Johnstone-Lowe – Bruce will run his very popular bodhran workshop – people love this session and say they could spend all weekend drumming with Bruce…. Issy Emeney – will run a workshop on melodeon playing, no doubt Appalachian music and posssibly flat footing might be involved too. Jim Tigwell – blues guitar – bring your guitar and be taught by a ‘master’. Maya Preece is running a ‘choir workshop’ – spend sometime on Sunday morning singing your heart out and then showing off your new voice in a short performance – Maya seems to magically bring this festival choir together to sing some stunning music. A very popular workshop.

2009 Line Up

This was definitely one of Priddy’s best ever line-ups, a real treat!

Apologies, but this probably isn’t a complete list!

2009 Workshops

Here’s a summary of the 2009 workshops:

  • Pete Coe & Andy Clarke – Accompanying English tunes
  • Cliff Stapleton and Andy Letcher – Hurdy Gurdy and pipes
  • Izzey Emeney – Melodeon
  • Bruce Johnstone-Lowe – Bodhran workshops
  • Sara Grey – Gospel singing
  • Kate Lissauer – Appalachian fiddle
  • Emily and Hazel Askew – English dance tunes
  • Pete Coe & Sara Grey – Appalachian music history
  • Andy Clarke – Guitar
  • Jim Tigwell and Martin Froud – Guitar and slide guitar
  • Maya Preece – Choral singing workshop