Stewarding at Priddy


Sorry all our Stewarding slots are filled for this year

Thank you for your interest in Stewarding at Priddy. We would like to have accomodated you, but all our slots are filled this year. It is sometimes worth contacting Tracy for last minute cancellations or unforeseen extra duties, either by email or through the festival office when you arrive.

In case you are interested for future years this page outlines what it is all about. But book early to get the best chance of getting the shifts you want.

What we offer

As last year, we are offering a full weekend ticket + free camping in exchange for two 4 hour stints of duty. All stewards must be 18 or more years of age.

If you want to join our happy band of helpers please go to the ticketing page and fill out the form (please note you have to do this separately for each Steward Application). Once you have filled out this you will be given a booking reference number and information of what to do next.

If your stewarding services are not required, we will let you know as soon as possible, otherwise you will be contacted to confirm your duties roughly four weeks before the festival.

What we need

In order to run the festival successfully we require a number of volunteer stewards to provide the back-up to the folk festival committee on the days of the festival. The main areas in which we will need help are:

  1. Site Crew Team - Generally available to do all the setting up of fences, seating etc. Busy times will be on the Thursday and Friday during the day, and on the Sunday and Monday. (Please note, work will involve manual labour which may be inside or outside. Appplicant must be fit and able).
  2. Venue Team (Concert Marquees, Dance Marquee, Childrens’ Marquee, Village Hall, Workshops) – Admission Stewards & Safety Stewards. (there may be light cleaning activities) – normally the most popular and will therefore be full very quickly.
  3. Car Parking Team – Throughout the weekend from 3pm Friday to about 2pm Sunday. Busiest time will be during the day Saturday (working outside, please bring clothing appropriate for the weather).
  4. Camping Team – From Thursday throughout the weekend (working outside, please bring clothing appropriate for the weatherAll Stewards must have a valid e-mail address and contact phone number.

If you require any more information not covered here. Please email us at