Dance Line Up

Brewery Band

The Brewery Band has a wealth of experience playing dance music – mainly English, bouncy and lively – for ceilidhs and folk dance clubs. The line-up is Dave Byett, melodeons, Andy Brewer, bass, Helen Brock, fiddle and Nigel Hall, mandolin, mandola and guitar. Vicky Cooper frequently works with the band and, as well as calling, is a busy musician and dancer and member of City Clickers.

City Clickers

City Clickers

City Clickers are a group of step dancers based in Bristol who have been dancing together for about twenty years. They perform clog and step dances from various parts of Northern England, Wales and Scotland. They are also interested in step dances from Canada: from Quebec, and the step dancing of Cape Breton island which is currently undergoing a revival in Scotland.
Some members have been involved in step dancing and other traditional dance forms for many years and have brought that experience and knowledge together to make a vibrant, dazzling dance performance.
City Clickers’ knowledge and expertise mean that they are able to offer workshops for both beginners and more experienced dancers in all of the styles danced. Attention to every detail of technique, style, performance and presentation pays off in the enjoyment of the dancers and audience alike.


The Knights of King Ina

The Knights of King Ina are a Morris dance team specialising in the Solo and Duet dances known as Jigs in the Morris genre. The dances are drawn from many of the Morris traditions and include dances choreographed by us using the styles and steps collected in the early 20th century. These dances were typically seen as competition or show off dances and only danced by those considered to be the best dancers in a team or side.

No Mean Feet

No Mean Feet and the Shoestring Band bring the excitement of APPALACHIAN STEP DANCE and OLD TIME MUSIC to the Southwest.
No Mean Feet maintain a lively traditional style, with brightly coloured costumes and hard soled shoes with taps which emphasize the percussive element of Appalachian dance. They perform individual freestyling as well as precision team routines accompanied by “Old Time” live music.
With its roots in the Appalachian mountains of America, Appalachian dancing provides a lively and colourful display. The steps used are distantly related to both tap and English clog dance. Appalachian dance is sometimes even called ‘clogging’, although clogs are not actually used. Instead, shoes with taps on are worn.

The Outside Capering Crew

The Outside Capering Crew presents Morris dance for the 21st century: sometimes flashy, sometimes comic, and always with exhilarating music.
Their eclectic repertoire features prize-winning Morris jigs, broom dances and brain-bending “bacca pipes” jigs – England’s answer to the Scottish sword dance. It’s all served up with a dash of showmanship (and a very silly horse).
They have performed at festivals in Hungary, Germany, Sweden, Sark, Belgium and America, at major UK folk festivals and even at The Big Chill (lots of techno stuff). Interval spots at ceilidhs are a speciality.
Festival organisers may like to know we won the prize for collecting the most money at Ely Folk Festival in 2017.

Stroud Morris Dancers

Stroud Morris Dancers have been entertaining audiences in Stroud, Gloucestershire and much further afield for over 25 years. Dancing usually on a Monday evening from May until September outside local pubs, they are in great demand to perform at events and festivals both in England and abroad. They have featured on Ashley Hutchings’ (Fairport Convention / Albion Band / Steeleye Span) “Grandson of Morris On” album and in the “Morris On” show.

Why do they do it? Fun, a great social life, keeping our traditional dances thriving, keeping fit, for team-building skills, as a kind of meditation, a chance to play music, an excuse to get to the pub each week.

Sulis Rapper

Sulis Rapper are an exciting new female team born in 2017. They are based in Bath and named after the Deity of Baths Temple Spa: Sulis Minerva.

Their first rapper dance comprises various traditional and new figures including some created by the team. To add to this, they also dabble in various step dancing styles.

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