Dance Line Up

Fools Gambit

‘Fool’s Gambit Morris is an energetic, young Cotswold morris team that aims to amaze and impress with our dancing. Dancing mainly in the Fieldtown and Raglan traditions, we enjoy dancing at many events far and wide. Founded in 2010, we have had a busy 5 years, having been invited to the Shrewsbury, Sidmouth, Whitby, Warwick and Bromyard folk festivals, as well as attending many excellent morris weekends of dance.

Recently, they were part of The Banks of Green Willow project which commemorated the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. In 1916, four of Cecil Sharp’s demonstration team died within weeks of each other on the Somme, changing the course of Morris dancing in the 20th century. The project aimed to celebrate the lives of these men and their contribution to the development of English folk dance.


Kemysk meaning ‘mixture’ in Cornish, are a group of friends from the length and breadth of Cornwall with a passion for Cornish dance, fishnet tights, and partying. More recently, they can be found wearing Cornish traditional Bal Maidens costume. Originally formed for a one off tour to Sidmouth Folk Festival and the Festival Interceltique in Lorient in summer 2010, Kemysk decided ‘we were having way too much fun to leave it there. Over the past 7 years, Kemysk has grown in numbers, dancing throughout Cornwall and further afield. We enjoy representing Kernow at home and abroad. We’d say ‘miss us at your peril’ but our costumes and outlandish behaviour mean you probably won’t…’


Applejacks is a Bristol-based Appalachian dance team that regularly dances at festivals and events in the local area. The team choreograph their own group dances and perform with Old Time musicians who play traditional fiddle tunes and songs. Dancers in Applejacks love the rhythms and energy of percussive dance combined with string band music and hope to share a little of this excitement with their audiences.  






Fire Clog is a vibrant and energetic new dance team performing a variety of clog dance styles. The team is made up of dancers Harriet Kempson and Maria Marshall, alongside musician Penny Kempson. Styles danced include music hall, Lakeland and Lancashire traditions, all danced with youth and vigour with a lot of the team’s original choreography. The team have danced at many events and festivals.


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Rag Morris

Bristol University’s best (and only) Morris side,  Rag Morris has developed its own inimitable style over the last thirty-five years – energetic, colourful, comic, a bit ‘off-the-wall’, certainly never boring and very rarely normal.
This year they will be performing their acclaimed mummers play The Nine Lives Of Isambard Kingdom Brunel.








NYFTE – National Youth Folklore Troupe of England

It often comes as a shock to the English to learn that they do have a national musical heritage that rivals those of the Celtic countries, and what shocks them even more is the ability of this troupe, made up of youngsters aged between ten and eighteen years. The team was formed in 1990 to maintain the participation of youngsters through the critical teenage years. Its value has already been proven by the many ‘retired’ members who continue to have a strong involvement in the folk scene around the country. This year’s group of over 20 performers come from all over England.

NYFTE performances are a mixture of traditional material complemented by modern items in keeping with the tradition. Social Dance, Clog and Stepping, Cotswold, Border and North-West Morris, Garland, Rapper and Longsword all feature. All the dance items are performed to excellent musical accompaniments; whilst musical items in their own right and songs are also vital aspects of our programme.

Each year NYFTE holds a variety of training events including a week-long course at Easter, culminating in a complete display of our repertoire. The group then visits a number of folk festivals throughout the Spring and Summer, by invitation.

Nonesuch Morris

Nonesuch Morris is a Bristol-based mixed Cotswold morris team performing dances in the styles of Raglan, Bucknell, and Sherborne. Their aim is to dance to a high standard and to provide a good show for any audience.


Dance Bands

Val Knight and the Perfect Cure

Val Knight is highly regarded for her knowledge and experience of Teaching Irish Set Dance in this country, having been immersed in the tradition for over 40 years collecting and notating the Sets at source from the local people during her years of travel around Ireland.  As well as meeting and befriending some of the most influential Irish Set Dance revivalists such as Connie Ryan, Pat Murphy and Timmy McCarthy.

The Perfect Cure Band is a trio of talented musicians, working mainly in Bristol and the South West, specialising in Barn Dances and Irish Dance Music. All three members have many years’ experience and together create lively music for dancing.

As keen dancers themselves, the band has a special affinity with its audience, carefully choosing the best music to suit each set dance figure or barn dance.

Threepenny Bit

Hampshire-based Threepenny Bit are an example of how traditional dance tunes and contemporary sounds can be blended into a fresh interpretation of folk music. This dynamic eight-piece band combines a group of diehard folkies with some of the finest young jazz and classical musicians of the south. They play bold arrangements of traditional and original tunes with infectious stage energy for concerts and ceilidh dancing.

‘Bursting with energy’ – Martin Chilton, The Telegraph

‘It’s addictive stuff as forays into rock and jazz blend with interpretations of trad British Dances’ – The Musician

‘The most head-spinningly original album to emerge from the current crop of youngfolk collectives this year. Forget nodding along approvingly, this is an all-out musical bombardment’ – Rob Fearnly, Bright Young Folk


The Brewery Band

The Brewery Band has a wealth of experience playing mainly English dance music – bouncy, driving and lively – and is equally happy playing both for ceilidhs/barn dances and folk dance clubs. See link below for a video of a recent Bristol Ceilidh gig.