The Fringe (formerly the Club Tent)

The Fringe was previously known as our Club Tent. Over the years it has developed into a mini festival of its own, so in 2015 we re-named it. It has always been seen by us as an opportunity to introduce some new or lesser known acts. It is located in the Traders field and is free and open to all.

The Fringe Showcase Programme – Saturday 8th July


Johns & Nowak

“Classy and compelling” Americana UK

Camilla Johns & Andy Nowak met at a bluegrass festival. They are an English acoustic duo that like to have fun with American music; weaving together mandolin and guitar and singing songs of heartache and longing.


Axbridge Choir

Based in Axbridge, our members come from across the local area, from Cheddar and Draycott to Winscombe, Churchill and Blagdon.

The choir sings unaccompanied, in four-part harmony. The songbook includes music from far and wide – from popular, to folk, to gospel, to show tunes, in languages from English to Basque and even Russian!


The Haunted Knitting Machine

The mournful bendy notes of the Pedal Steel Guitar (aka the haunted knitting machine), combined with the band members’ shared love of country and Americana music, will lead you on a journey through death, murder, trains, the Devil, and heartache, all washed down with good measure of moonshine whiskey.



Cécile is a singer-songwriter based in Bristol, UK Cécile sings in both French and English with a voice that silences rooms, accompanying herself with gentle nylon string guitar arrangements, resulting in a harmonious and emotive texture similar to the likes of Kate Rusby and Leonard Cohen.


65 Specials

‘The 6.5 Specials’ are:
Jan Newton, picking her guitar, and singing.  Len Liechti, playing double bass, mandolin, harmonica and anything else he can lay his hands on, and singing.  Alan Kirkpatrick, bashing and shaking things, picking guitar and singing. Pete Stearn strumming away and singing.  The music we play is old-time blues, bluegrass, country – all mashed up, and dished up as Skiffle!


Open Road Bugmouth Kitchen Blues

With origins steeped in cider, shotguns and sorrow, this gang of shades have a genuine love of the music they play together. From different walks of life they come together for this purpose. With a penchant for the Americana/Blues tradition in their pocket, they will ply you with their own delightfully anglophile review of the genre. This will be a rare opportunity to sample one of the tastiest blues bands around in a more acoustic setting.

The Fringe Showcase Programme – Sunday 9th July


Avalon State Choir

The Avalonian Free State Choir is an unaccompanied natural voice choir with a repertoire of songs from all around the world, including salsa vocal percussion, the awe-inspiring stillness of sacred songs from Georgia and the heartbreaking melodies from Bulgaria. The thrill of listening to them comes from clear bright harmonies that are uplifting to the soul.


Bob Gallie

Bob is a Singer/Songwriter originally from South Wales but now residing in Somerset.
His unique vocal talent for live performances has brought him many fans over the Festival Circuit and he continues to write songs that touch people in many ways. Bob has returned to his Folk roots and is making his mark within the South West Music Community.


John C Wood

John Christopher Wood is an actor, writer, stand-up poet and layabout who lives in Bath. He likes doing stand-up poetry largely because it’s shorter than plays and he doesn’t have to learn the lines, and he has produced three slim volumes of it so far. If you favour daft verse about such things as trousers, the love life of palm trees, or how to annoy your dentist; then he is your man.


Foo Foo

The Foo Foo songwriting technique involved collecting good lines in a notebook against the time when a suitable riff presented itself and then padding them out with words gleaned from such publications as the Financial Times, recipe books and even the back of a blue tack packet! They worked hard to make their songs lyrically interesting and the tunes were rhythmic and appealing with AWESOME harmonies.



Power trio of experienced musos. Rock, Blues and a few surprise covers! From Hendrix, Neil Young and Cream to Paolo Nutini, La Roux and Cameo! Guitar Bass and Drums. All of us play in other bands, line ups and genres. This is what we do to let off steam and kick up some…DUST! So far the crowds love it!