Saturday – Sessions tent 3pm

Singing workshop with Issy Emeney


In the Fringe tent – open to all

Saturday – 10am

Dave Green

Curiosity and an inability to perfectly tune a guitar inspired David Green to go on an adventure into music that took him all over the world, back in time and deep into the heart of music.

Where does music come from? What is it for? Why does it move us so? What do the laws of Harmony tell us about the structure of the world?

Drawing on extensive research that underpins his novel ‘The Musician’, David reframes the narrative history of music in a way that asks us to re-examine our beliefs and rekindle our sense of wonder, not just with music, but with everything. The talk will include a live performance with tracks from the new album ‘Unsteady On Our Feet’.



Saturday 11am – Called to be Saints – West Gallery singing

In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries a lively and vigorous repertoire of choral music developed in English village churches. Choirs were normally supported by small bands of wind and fiddle-family instruments. As they often sang and played from the west gallery of the church, we generally refer to this style of music today as West Gallery music.

At the festival the choir will run a workshop to give a taste of this glorious music, led by John Shaw (who also performs with the Hotwells Howlers and the Bristol Shantymen.) We hope you will come along, bringing your voices(!), to give it a try. Sheet music will be available, but the ability to read music, whilst helpful, is not essential. The “Saints” will be also be giving a showcase of some of their music later in the church.


Sunday – 10am Bruce Johnson Lowe – Bodrhan

Every year Bruce runs a great workshop of bodrhan playing and is an institution at Priddy festival. Bruce provides bodrhans for all the and this is always a very popular workshop.


Sunday 11am The Old Somerset Russetts

Join the Somerset Russets to play English village band music arranged in parts.  This year’s workshop draws on the eighteenth century collections of wonderful dance music published by John Johnson, under the sign of the Harp and Crown on Cheapside.  Suitable for all melody instruments.  Sight-reading an advantage but ear-players welcome.  Guitar chords will be provided.


Planned Sessions

In the Queen Vic pub

English music sessions and sing a rounds – times in the programme – all welcome