Black Eyed Mog

Three men playing musical instruments.

Several years ago at Priddy Folk Festival, a group of like-minded individuals took their guitars and voices into the local pub where the coast was clear as the festival main stages were still in full flow.  Beers purchased, the gang occupied a corner of the pub and blasted out songs from all directions: J.J.Cale, The Who, Neil Young, Eagles, Oasis, Memphis Slim…. no rules, no stylistic guidelines, if a song was worth singing, it was in the set.  The group played every night of the Festival.

Black Eyed Mog are three of the survivors: Jon Marsden on guitar who knew all the words; Martin Froud on dobro/mandolin who knew the licks; and John Wirtz rhythm guitar who knew the fastest route to the bar.  Influences are mostly Americana with Folk and Blues, all the songs they love, they hope you’ll like them too.