Ellie Gowers

A woman in a red dress.

Emerging onto the UK folk scene with her debut album, ‘Dwelling by the Weir’ (2022), Ellie explored folklore and stories of her hometown, Warwick, through ecological, sociological, and personal themes

Following the release of her latest single, ‘The Stars Are Ours’, her BBC Radio 2 live session was widely lauded (‘absolutely beautiful’, Zoe Ball), before she headed out on a successful Autumn 2023 tour. Ellie has also composed music for BBC Radio 3’s production of ‘Middlemarch’ and toured as support act for a number of artists including Blair Dunlop and Elephant Sessions.

Ellie marks her return this summer with long-awaited new music. After the release of her celebrated album, Ellie has continued to firmly root herself in the song-writing scene. However, this time her new music amplifies her writing; referencing the more contemporary sounds of MIPSO, Gemma Hayes, and Jeff Buckley. After a heavy year of touring away from home, themes of absence, push/pull, and longing emerge from this new and exciting direction.

Ellie Gowers is, quite literally, an all-singing, all-dancing folk polymath  

Jon Wilks, TradFolk

Full of delicacy, precision, and gentle delight  

The Guardian