Medicine Creek

Three people standing behind a white picket fence.

Medicine Creek have been plying their whisky-soaked brand of bluegrass and americana since getting together in Bristol in 2010. They have gained a cult following for their adrenaline-fuelled live act and gospel-flavoured harmonies, and have been invited to play at several major UK festivals, including Glastonbury, Beach Break and Shambala.

Medicine Creek released a 5 Track EP in 2011, and are currently working on new songs for a full-length album.

Nuala Honan (vocals/guitar/harmonica) began her musical career as a teenager in rural South Australia. After moving to the UK she spent 4 years fronting the highly acclaimed Alchemy Quartet. Aaron Catlow (violin/vocals/stomp box/harmonica) is heavily influenced by folk and jazz fusion and has played a huge range of music since finishing his music degree in 2003. In 2005 Aaron founded the cult gypsy-folk-funk band Sheelanagig, who have released 4 albums and become a fixture on the UK festival scene. Dorian Sutton (double bass/vocals) has played everything from bebop to death metal since he began gigging with his Dad’s ceilidh band in Newcastle in his early teens. Dorian was the bass player for Sheelanagig for a very eventful decade, and besides Medicine Creek he is currently gigging with The Al Fresco Trio, Los Whalers and Night Train.

“Beautifully rendered old-time Americana” – Venue Magazine