Nature is Noisy

Two guitarists and a drummer.

Nature is Noisy are Cameron Patrick Scott (vocals, guitar & noises), Michael Hanby (vocals & bass) & Monty De Lans (drums) and bring their collection of original, sexy funk, rastabilly, shamanic jazz, and red-neck riffery. Guitar, drums and bass are skilfully crafted with clever song-writing, samples and loops. Their deliciously danceable musings on philosophy, love and hedonism will leave you smiling and feeling like life is good.

Nature is Noisy began in 2019 when Michael and Cameron started working together on a variety of material written both separately and together. A couple of seasons of West Country gigging saw them develop a distinctive, catchy vibe which pulses throughout their ‘genre fluid’ range of original compositions and goes down well with everyone who encounters it. The addition of Monty into their collaboration has unleashed a new dimension to their sound, which has been received exceptionally well in live performances.