The Rin Tins

A group of people in old-fashioned evening dess.

Keep them dancing. That’s the ethos that The Rin Tins have kept since their inception in early 2011 and since then the sextet have strutted from one stage to another playing high octane gypsy swing to the party hard masses. 

These festival veterans have appeared on stages at Glastonbury, Shambala, Boomtown, and WOMAD as well as Sömmersound Festival in Hamburg and headlining Fokus Festival in Görlitz, Germany.  With music that combines harmonies with swing jazz rhythms and pounding oompa beats, for the past 10 years The Rin Tins have been filling dance floors and festival tents across Europe.

Gypsy music intended to keep you dancing from a 6-piece who match their energy with swing.  

Ear Trumpet Promotions

A tight ensemble with a stage show that combines humour, narrative and a healthy medley of style and song.  

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