Ushti Baba

A group of people playing on a stage.

Raging folk fusing hypnotic pan-European melodies with modern dance rhythms. Heavy beatbox, wild fiddle, an energetic thrill-filled musical journey from familiar lands to the beyond and back. Ushti Baba deliver a fierce fresh perspective while paying warm tribute to their trad folk roots. 

The Bristol-based 7-piece has been tearing up venues and festivals at home and abroad since 2013, with countless prominent slots across the UK and Europe. In 2019 they enjoyed their first primetime radio play on BBC 6 Music. 

‘a class issue’ EP features five unique tracks of undeniable acoustic rave – an exploration of cultural identity and cross-boundary connections with influences from klezmer to sea shanties to slip jigs and beyond. Youth lends his magic with a dub mix of original Morris-inspired track Industry.

Make some space – you might need it as you flail around!  

Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music