Craft & Trading

A collection of guitars.
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Priddy Folk Festival is held on and around Priddy Village Green. A full programme of musical and other events will be held throughout the weekend across the site. We expect thousands of people to attend, with free public access to all the trading areas.

The Festival hosts a range of craft demonstrations along with a carefully selected set of traders. The wide variety of stalls adds colour and interest to the Festival, and it is possible to spend many hours browsing whilst listening to music or watching the dance sides perform.

As in recent years, we will be concentrating the craft and trade space in a field on the left-hand side of the main road as you leave the village from the Green (opposite the car park). To make the most of this site, we have limited trading to just this field with no trading on the Green itself.

How to apply

For detailed information on the pitches available and costs, use the link below:

For a Craft & Traders application form, use the link below:

A man in a brightly coloured t-shirt lays out necklaces.
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