Jamie Smith’s Mabon to appear at Priddy Folk Festival 2020

We are absolutely honoured that Jamie Smith’s MABON have decided to play one of their last shows at Priddy in 2020!

We have received this communication from John Eeles, their Managing Agent explaining why they have decided to play one of their last shows at our festival.

We wish them every success and happiness in their new ventures!

“Jamie Smith’s MABON and Priddy Folk Festival are and have been happily entwined since the band burst onto the national and international music scene in 2009. Their first show at Priddy was in the old ‘dance’ tent, opposite a well known (but I’m not naming them) band  on a cold damp Saturday evening in 2010 – and they made such an impact the tent ended up rammed. The ‘craic’ had by those attending fully justified the band leaping into the closing slot for the Sunday festivities in 2012. The band have always had the most glorious fun and reception from the audiences at Priddy – some may remember Matt moving around the marquee and ending up playing Bass at the sound position  – who have shown exactly how music audiences should behave if the music ‘gets’ too them – get up and dance if you can!! Memorable will be the shows in 2012 and 2017 for the exuberance of the crowds frenzied whooping and dancing. A veritable home from home, the trip returning from the festival also provided the background for one of the bands favourite tunes ‘The Gordano Ranter’ – a peon to a meeting on the way back to Wales.

The band have played around the world, at some of the most prestigious and biggest festivals, but still count Priddy in their favourite top 3 shows, so it was only obvious that they would try and make sure one of their last shows would be here – performing their ‘dance’ set (without the seats having to be trashed away) for one last time. As enjoyable for the band as hopefully it will be for the audience.”

12 – 14 July, 2024