More Music – Less Plastic

For many years, we have been committed to making Priddy an environmentally responsible festival. For example, we use compostable beer and soft drink glasses in our bar and have done for some time.

This year we are stepping up the battle against plastic waste by ending the sale of bottled water at Priddy in order to cut the amount of single-use plastic generated.

To make this a reality we will be offering water points in key areas around the festival where you can refill your water bottles, whether these are bottles that you have brought with you – or one of our eye-catching new stainless-steel bottles. These will be on sale at this year’s Priddy for £6.

This new initiative is part of our wider commitment to delivering an ever more sustainable festival and we hope that, with your help, it will have a big impact in reducing waste and tackle the problems created by single use plastic.






12 – 14 July, 2024