Snakes & Squeezeboxes!

You cannot come to Priddy Festival this year, so we have found a way to bring the festival to you!! The incredibly talented artist and musician Kate Griffin (of Mishra) is a friend of the festival and was so disappointed not to be coming here this year that she designed a board game just for us.

Based on Snakes & Ladders (a morality game of ancient Indian origins) Kate has designed a game that brings a flavour of the festival at the roll of a dice! As well as the ups and downs of having a “nice crepe”, or “burning your elbows on the bouncy castle” there is an extra dimension introduced by landing on random ceilidh squares or going to the session tent!

This is printed on cotton so you can roll up the counters and dice and take it anywhere. We have even used it via Zoom to give a taste to a family member trapped in Australia!

If this high octane excitement is too much for you(!) then we are also offering, for a limited time from Saturday 4th July, laser cut wooden badges, enamel mugs and tote bags with the Priddy logo which let you show your support for the festival and help us make a safe festival for 2021. There is also a raffle offering a chance of two free tickets.

Priddy Folk Festival 2021 here we come! Keep us in your hearts until then and help us make it happen!

12 – 14 July, 2024