A Tale Of Two First Time Stewards

Wendy and Jeff volunteered to help out at Priddy Folk Festival last year, and got a free ticket each for their efforts. Here, they tell us what it was like – and why they are looking forward to doing it again.

“Having never been to Priddy Folk Festival before we had no idea what to expect. Living close by meant we could cycle up the hill and set up in the lovely campsite without too much trouble.

“It was a short walk in to the village to book in and be allocated our first duties as stewards. We got introduced to our fellow volunteers and promptly set off to help with the setting up of the festival. It was all very friendly and easy. The people in charge had obviously been doing this for years and we got clear instructions to ‘put tape up round there’, ‘move those fences to there’ and the most precise job of setting out the chairs in the marquees.

“It sounds easy but to get as many chairs in as possible whilst sticking to the fire regulations of space between rows and distance from exits took a lot of planning. Luckily, again, we got good clear direction and we all worked together.

“It was a hot day and we were provided with drinks and rests which made it all a very enjoyable experience. Our last duties were helping to dismantle at the end of the festival and again it all went smoothly.

“It was good to meet up again with some of the other stewards and compare notes on the best bits of the weekend. Who were our favourite bands, wasn’t it a glorious setting and hadn’t the weather been fantastic.

“All in all we had a great time and are really looking forward to donning our gloves again next time for a bit of volunteering and lots of socialising.”

Wendy and Jeff

If you would like to steward at Priddy and earn yourself a free camping weekend ticket, click here to find out more.

12 – 14 July, 2024