A sign saying 'The Fringe"

Free Fringe Festival

Priddy has a very strong tradition of the free fringe festival, and this coming year will be no exception. Our fringe tent will host an eclectic collection of artists from near and far.

Entry to the Fringe Tent is entirely free to all and is especially designed to give people a chance to listen to talented local bands and musicians from folk and beyond. No wristband required!

See the stars of the future for free!!

Three men, one playing guitar, one playing melodeon and one playing the banjo.

This folk trio play original tunes and traditional songs.

Ochre Trails

Ochre Trails are a folk trio playing original home-brewed tunes, nimble instrumentals and traditional songs. Springing from the English folk tradition and cultivated in the West Mendips, Ochre Trails have warmed the cockles of audiences on their local folk scene, where they have become firm favourites with their upbeat and infectious music, featuring melodeon, banjo, mandolin, whistle, guitar and voice.


A woman sitting in dappled sunshine playing the guitar.

Sue Harding is influenced by her love of American folk music.

Sue Harding

Recently reviewed in the Financial Times, Sue Harding is beginning to get noticed! This West Country-based singer-songwriter’s unique vocal range and heartfelt delivery create a hauntingly beautiful sound with a retro sensibility, referencing the songwriting of the 1960s and ’70s. Her songs are delicate but powerful, full of poetry and invention that never fails to enchant. “Flight” released in 2016, was Sue’s first album of original songs. It was well received, and featured stripped-back arrangements & intimate vocals, influenced by a love of American folk music and the poets of the 1960s.

Two men in a canoe.

The Willbees are legends of the Somerset scene.

The Willbees

The Willbees are a harmony duo, and are legendary around the Bristol and Somerset scene. Their repertoire includes folk, country, ballads, comedy, and just about any old style, selecting songs mainly on the basis of really good harmonies. Both are excellent solo artists, but over the last few years, they have developed a double act which is musically perfect, creating beautiful harmonies and on occasion delivering comedy songs like a couple of pros.

A young man standing in a graveyard.

BoyBovis writes songs about his dreams and nightmares.


BoyBovis is the solo project of poet and musician Sid Plimmer. His work is rooted in the imagery of changing rural landscapes, hard lives and the dreams and nightmares of an overactive childhood imagination. His latest release is the six-track EP ‘Music for Moss’. Tales of demons in the fields, drunkards drowned, and communities banding to expel those deemed outsiders wash up in a state half remembered, half dreamt.



A woman playing a concertina smiling at a man playing a guitar.

Issy and David Emeney perform traditional and original music.

Issy and David Emeney

Original and traditional songs and tunes accompanied on melodeon and guitar with rare lyrical skill and sensitivity. Issy & David marry beautiful melodies and captivating stories that draw the listener right in, making them one of the most engaging duos on the folk scene today.




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Mojo Workin’ are a seven-piece band.

Mojo Workin’

Is a seven-piece band playing stomping RnB. Feeling the blues as an uplifting rather than a despairing medium, Mojo Workin’ play a swaggering, soulful style of blues made to get people out of their seats and onto their feet. Covering artists such as Robert Johnson, Nina Simone, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, the band are keeping alive a great tradition while adding their own pinch of sonic seasoning to the mix.


Three rows of people dressed in purple.

Avalonian Free State Choir were formed in Glastonbury.

Avalonian Free State Choir

Avalonian Free State Choir are an a cappella choir specialising in world music, seeking out songs which represent folk traditions from all over the world, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe. In their performance, many countries are represented, exploring the richness and power of vocal music and harmony. They are delighted to be asked to perform at Priddy again.


Two men sitting on stools singing.

Old Friends discovered they liked the same music.

Old Friends

Old Friends’play a mix of old favourites and more recent songs with strong harmonies. John and Howard have been performing together for six years after finding that their musical tastes matched while performing separately at local folk clubs. Their songs are chosen to please the audience, jog the memory and, occasionally, to surprise.

A woman playing a guitar.

Mandy Woods plays Americana-infused songs.

Mandy Woods

Singer-songwriter Mandy Woods, now based in Glastonbury, has spent most of her adult life giving in to wanderlust and crafting songs wherever she has happened to find herself on her unconventional journey. Mandy’s Americana-infused songs are inspired by her own life and the lives of those around her. She lived and worked in Austin, Texas for a decade, developing her music career there, and has also written and performed in Nashville.

Si Cousins combines themes of love and laughter.

Simon Cousins

Simon Cousins is an English singer-songwriter and musician, who was a member of Liverpool indie country rock band The Onset, and Wiltshire folk rockers Ophiuchus. His lyrics are based around the poetic themes of love, laughter, lullaby and lament. His music draws upon his country and folk roots with an emphasis on melody and harmony. Joining him for the odd number will be his brother Jon.

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Steal-Easy are a five-piece Americana and country rock band.


Steal-Easy first performed their unique blend of Americana and country rock on the Priddy fringe stage in 2012 and have been playing together on and off since then.  Local singer/songwriter James Slater recently joined the band, bringing additional harmonies and new songs to their repertoire. Take a journey through death, murder, trains, the devil, and lost love with Steal-Easy as they celebrate their love of country, mountain, and southern gospel roots music, served with a touch of rock attitude.