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We had a cracking festival in 2016 and hope you did too. The photos from last year’s festival are in our gallery .

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to Priddy Folk Festival in just a few short weeks. We have no reason to expect a repeat here of the terrible events recently in London and Manchester. However we want people to enjoy Priddy feeling as safe and secure as possible.

We continually review our policies so having taken advice we are going to ask people to allow bags to be inspected as they enter venues. Please only bring in what is absolutely necessary. We trust we can count on your cooperation and patience as...

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Artist Spotlight: Flook

The flutes of Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen, the guitar of Ed Boyd and the bodhran of John Joe Kelly make up Flook, stars of Irish traditional music and one of the world’s most exciting folk bands.

Priddy Folk Festival caught up with the band while at the Orkney Folk Festival last monthe, ahead of their appearance at this year’s Priddy.

PFF: When did you first play your chosen instrument?

SA: I started first with the recorder at the age of 7 but started playing the flute aged 8 years. When I was at school I...

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Artist Spotlight: Mawkin

Ahead of Mawkin’s much anticipated-appearance at Priddy 2017 we caught up with guitarist Dave Delarre and asked him a few pertinent questions…

PFF: Tell us about how the band started out…
DD: Me and (brother) James (Delarre) have been playing folk music for years while being dragged around pubs by our morris dancing parents! While on a sort of school of rock affair I met Danny Crump pumping out bass lines to Iron Maiden. We formed Brian Maiden, did one gig in front of Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson and thought that’s probably as...

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