If you are interested in Stewarding at this year’s festival, this will tell you what is involved.

What’s it like?

What we will need

20150710-150305-I39A9609In order to run the festival successfully we require a number of volunteer stewards to provide the back-up to the folk festival committee on the days of the festival. The main areas in which we will need help are:

  • Site Crew Team – Generally available to do all the setting up of fences, seating etc. Busy times will be on the Thursday and Friday during the day, and on the Monday. We are now offering the opportunity for some site crew to work both shifts on the Monday leaving the rest of their weekend free. If you are interested please make a note in your application. (Please note, work will involve manual labour which may be inside or outside. Applicant must be fit and able).
  • Venue Team (Concert Marquees, Dance Marquee, Childrens’ Marquee, Village Hall, Workshops) – Admission Stewards & Safety Stewards. (there may be light cleaning activities) – normally the most popular and will therefore be full very quickly.
  • Car Parking Team – Throughout the weekend from 1pm Friday to 5pm Sunday. Busiest time will be during the day Saturday (working outside, please bring clothing appropriate for the weather).
  • Camping Team – From Thursday throughout the weekend (working outside, please bring clothing appropriate for the weather).

stewarding2We do have some site crew opportunities on the Wednesday before the festival, or all day shifts available on the Monday in the clear up. If you are fit and able and want to get your duties all done outside the festival running time tell us about it in  the comments box on your application.

All Stewards must have a valid e-mail address & contact phone number, and provide photo id.

What you get

All we ask is two four-hour stints over the course of the weekend (or in the lead up or on the Monday). In return you will get a full camping weekend ticket to enjoy the festival. Please note that we do ask people to send a cheque which will be cashed in the event of a festival ticket being issued and the person not turning up for their stewarding duties.

Apply to become a Steward