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The online box office for 2016 tickets is now open.

We have early discount prices, so buy early!

Non Camping Camping
Adult >16 Youth 11-16 Child <11 Adult >16 Youth 11-16 Child <11
Before 1st March  £      56.00  £      28.00  £            –  £    70.00  £   35.00  £         –
Before 1st May  £      64.00  £      32.00  £            –  £    76.00  £   38.00  £         –
Standard  £      70.00  £      35.00  £            –  £    83.00  £   41.50  £         –

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Some people have reported problems with purchasing tickets. As far as we can tell this is related to Windows 10 and certain Internet Browsers. In particular we have heard of problems with “Microsoft Edge”. We are sorry if you do experience problems, but please try again using a different Internet Browser such as “Chrome” or “Explorer”.

We never sell day tickets in advance as this could limit the number of weekend tickets we can sell. If we have capacity when we get to the festival we will sell day tickets on the day for which they apply from the festival office. We will confirm whether or not we are going to do this as soon as we know on the website and through our social media, but this is not normally before the week of the festival.