Outside Capering Crew

The Outside Capering Crew presents morris dance for the 21st century: sometimes flashy, sometimes comic, and always with exhilarating music.  Their eclectic repertoire includes broom dances (tricky spins, throws and kick-ups) and brain-bending “bacca pipes” jigs – England’s answer to the Scottish sword dance, but more edgy. It’s all served up with a dash of showmanship (and a very silly horse. Or maybe a cow).

 Comprising of 5 energetic, handsome dancers and two gorgeous, elegant musicians, the Crew take pride in putting on a show that’s entertaining for the general public and morris aficionados alike.  All members of the team have been winners of the John Gasson Jig Competition at Sidmouth.  They have performed in America, Dubai, Sark and mainland Europe, and at major UK folk festivals.