Camping News For 2018

We will be making some improvements at the campsite for this year’s festival.

Firstly we will be adding another car-free zone to the tents-only field. A small experimental area of that field was marked for last year’s festival so that cars were parked just off the emergency roadway and not inside the car-free zone they were surrounding.

Campers said they really liked this idea, as it seemed to create a much better ambiance so in 2018 we are going to add another larger car-free zone.

If the ground is as dry as it was last year, we will be trialling the idea of camping on the space near the entrance to the churchyard. That space has been wasted in previous years so we we are simplifying the emergency roadways in that corner so that it all comes into use.

All this means the only entrance to the fields which are for the unrestricted use of caravans, motorhomes and tents will be accessed by turning left as you come into the entrance.

The changes noted above mean that for the first time we will be marking up a couple of footpaths. These need to stay clear (please!) so that campers can get to and from their tents.

We will also be continuing to work on the emergency roadways to make them more ‘driveable’ and improving the run up to field gates.

We have been directed by the water board that we have to advise our campers to boil the water we provide before drinking it. We will continue to provide clean water through sterilized pipes as we always have, but we will be changing the signs for 2018 to read “boil before drinking”.

There is now a campsite Information sheet available as a PDF from the website. Click here to download it.