Priddy At Home Videos

This weekend 10th -12th July would have been folk festival weekend in Priddy. Last weekend we released the Priddy Rising “Lockdown Video” a collaboration project with the Blue School, Wells, featuring performances from Blue School students.

This Saturday (11th July) when the festival should have been happening, we are releasing a video of messages and performances from some of the best acts that would have been performing at the festival. Then on Sunday 12th they are releasing the Priddy Singers community choir lockdown video, specially recorded for the festival. The Festival is very grateful to these artists and the brave amateur performers of the Priddy Singers!

Priddy Singers at Rehearsal

Festival chairman Dean Collier says “we wanted to find a way to keep us in the hearts of our festival visitors until we can return. These performers video will hopefully do this and give a little feel of Priddy Folk Festival 2020. These are world class musicians who may not be able to perform again this year. Please support them if you can, stream their music or buy their albums.”  You can watch it from Saturday 11th July at the festival YouTube Page

Please have a look at our crowd funding campaign, with some Festival themed goodies as rewards for anyone who is able to help us secure 2021. The highlight of the rewards must be the festival themed roll up Snakes and Squeezeboxes game, designed exclusively for Priddy by the very talented artist and musician, Kate Griffin of Mishra.

12 – 14 July, 2024