Relive The Genius Of Jake

The sublime wit of Jake Thackray is coming to the Priddy Folk Festival 2017 in the shape of John Watterson – aka Fake Thackray.

Jake Thackray’s bitingly satirical and pomposity-puncturing songs have passed into legend. John, on hearing of the death of the great man in 2002 was determined to keep Jake’s catalogue of sharp, funny songs alive by performing them himself.

Thus Fake Thackray was born. John met Jake just once – when Jake was playing a gig in a folk club on the Isle of Man in 1975 – and he was struck by Jake’s humility as well as his genius. Jake has left us with a treasury of wonderful original songs, which are often risque, sometimes obscene, but always brilliantly observed.

John’s act is a wonderful and fitting tribute to the man. His delivery captures Thackray’s satirical intonation without resorting to over-exacting impersonation or falling into the trap of parody.

For anyone who loved Thackray in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, or for those who are unaware of him, Fake Thackray is more than a tribute – it’s a celebration of truly gigantic comic talent.

Click here for a video of John performing. But be aware – Jake used to announce this song (and many of his others) with the words: “This is offensive.” So probably not one to watch in the office…
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